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HMRC Changes to Advisory Fuel Rates – March 2018

Every 3 months, HMRC review the advisory fuel rates. They apply to employees using a company car if:·         You reimburse employees for business travel·         Or require employees to repay the cost of priva... Read more

British Universities – Expenses Revealed!

Since the expenses of MP’s came to light, others are under scrutiny for their procedures and claims, and Channel 4’s Dispatches has revealed the latest exorbitant claims made by vice chancellors and other senior staff at many of the UK’s universities.   The 197 freedom of information r... Read more

GDPR – What is Article 30 and how does it affect you?

GDPR covers a range of data protection subjects, but Article 30 is important because it addresses the issue of ongoing compliance.   Article 30 says: “Each controller and, where applicable, the controller's representative, shall maintain a record of processing activities under its resp... Read more

GDPR vs The Data Protection Act – What’s Changed?

GDPR has been introduced to protect the privacy of all EU citizens. It has also been designed to modernise data protection, in a world where cyber risks are increased.   If, as a business, you comply with the current Data Protection Act, then you are already half way towards compliance... Read more

Do Your Staff Understand the Importance of Compliant Receipts?

It is a very big task for any finance team, to check through and approve staff expenses. In SME’s it is productive to train staff on what makes a compliant receipt, so that there is less cause for rejection of expense claims. 4 points of reference for any expense claim accompanied by a receip... Read more