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GDPR – What happens after 25th May 2018?

The GDPR compliance deadline is fast approaching. In a few short months all companies who deal with any form of personal data will need to ensure that they have the policies and processes in place to handle this data, in line with the GDPR regulations. If you’ve sat down and thought this t... Read more

Join MEO for a new Expenses Diet Plan in 2018!

Now is the time where new year’s resolutions are being set. Plans are being made, and everybody has goals they would like to set and achieve for the coming year.   The thought of a diet often brings dread, but determination in January – cutting carbs or sugar, but here at MEO we are lo... Read more

GDPR - Too good to be true??

Data Protection regulations are set to undergo the biggest changes we have ever seen, and any company that deals with data (whether in the EU or not) must be compliant before 25th May 2018.   Gartner, Data & Analytics research found that by the end of 2018, over 50% of companies af... Read more

Point Progress – Cyber Essentials Certification

We are pleased to announce that Point Progress Ltd have achieved the UK government backed security certification, Cyber Essentials. Point Progress Ltd take security very seriously. We are committed to ensuring that we have processes in place to keep information secure, and have gained this cert... Read more

Spreadsheets vs Software - The best way to manage expenses

All finance teams will have experience with spreadsheets. Over the years they have become a large part of many processes, and their functionality is vast. Some companies will have a spreadsheet that does everything, whilst others will rely on many.   However, spreadsheets also come wit... Read more