I’m Richard Coope, the Managing Director of MyExpensesOnline.

It’s a fact. Staff expenses is one of those subjects that can make people groan. Nobody likes paperwork, and trying to trawl through a month’s worth of travel can be a pretty dull exercise.

Not only that, managers checking those claims can be time consuming, and frankly a thankless task. A task made much worse if someone thinks that they haven’t had their claim paid on time.

It does not have to be like this. We built, and continue to build, MyExpensesOnline from not only our own needs and experiences, but also those of our many loyal customers. We wanted easy to use software that ensured everything was correct, and kept everyone up to date. All of the time.

That is why MyExpensesOnline exists.

We have today over 80,000 claimants submitting their claims from all over the world, with that number increasing daily.

Expectations of our users are high, and rightly so. There is no excuse for software to be difficult, obstructive and generally unpleasant to use. Simple software makes for a calmer, more organised way to work, and we are continuously improving and refining MyExpensesOnline, as we have been every day for over 9 years.

There may be a number of players out there, but there is simply nothing else like MyExpensesOnline. You have to see it to find out why, which you can do right now for free.

I am convinced that together we can improve how you run your business. If it doesn’t or you are not sure how, I would love to hear from you. You can always email me directly at richard@pointprogress.com.

Best regards,


Richard Coope

Richard Coope

Founder & Managing Director