Duty of Care

Duty of Care

Store, verify and automate renewal of staff documents.

You have a legal and moral obligation to keep your employees safe from harm by identifying the risks that could jeopardise their safety during work hours.

This includes the time that they spend travelling on business journeys either using their own car or company vehicle.

If an accident was to occur, failure to show that you have taken every necessary steps to ensure their safety could be seen as negligence and lead to expensive litigation costs.

As most accidents at work occur whilst driving, you should be checking that every employee has a valid driving licence with business insurance before they set off to make a business journey. You should also make sure the vehicle they are using is safe to use and roadworthy. If you over-look this and reimburse the employees mileage expenses, you could be seen deemed guilty of allowing the accident to happen or permitting illegal behaviour.

  • Store, verify and renew staff documents.
  • Meet legal and moral obligations.
  • Protect your business and identify risks.


Report the C02 emissions of your business travel.

View an instant report on the CO2 your organisation’s business travel is producing.

Reporting is straightforward and can be based on a particular vehicle and mileage amount.

The feature allows you to run ‘what if’ scenarios that will allow you to compare different types of transport to a given location and calculate the emissions of each. You can then choose the option that is most environmentally friendly and which emits the least amount of CO2.

CarbonCalc not only ensures that you are compliant with current legislative and your corporate requirements but you can provide a report that shows your stakeholders you are committed to lowering your carbon emissions.

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