Advanced Workflow

Advanced Workflow

Ensure all claims are correctly authorised

We understand that not every expense claim travels through a simple authorisation process. There are those claims that will need to be approved by more than one manager when they go over a certain limit, or that need to be signed off by multiple cost centres.

There are also the expensive claims that go beyond a manager’s authority and need to be signed by the Financial Director, Head of Department or CEO.

Our Advanced Workflow has been designed to help you restrict and control how claims travel to authorisation through a number of pre-set distribution rules/fields.

It enables organisations to create and customise the rules they require for the expense claims when it is necessary for them to have multiple authorisers before payment.

The main advantage is claims are not left waiting for an authoriser to sign before continues its journey to the next manager.

  • Restrict and control multiple authorisation.
  • Parallel or serial approval process.
  • Create and customise rules.


Carefully designed features to transform your expense management.


Download all of your expenses information into an easy to manage zip file or folder allowing offline access.

Card Accounts

Import card statements for your business and pass out to your claimant for fast and easy reconciliation.