The perfect fit for your business, available in the cloud.


Simply process your expenses from anywhere in the world, with our easy to use software.

The core of MyExpensesOnline, making it simple to input, approve and pay your staff expenses from anywhere in the world.

You can enforce your company policies which can automatically be updated with the latest HMRC legislative requirements and tax regulations.

We guarantee that MyExpensesOnline will reduce your processing costs, saving you potentially thousands of pounds a year with accurate and compliant expense calculations.

Keep track of your expense claims

Log in and clearly see where your claim is in its journey.

You will also receive regular email updates as it travels through the system and makes its way to payment.

See your claims here

Add new claims quickly and easily

You are able to classify your expenses with specific VAT limits and validation rules, so data entered will be accurate. Any incorrect data is highlighted for you to check and correct.

Receipts stored in a safe place
From paper to eReceipts

Your receipts are safely attached to your claim when you simply scan or take a photograph on your smart phone.

As you have evidence for each expense claim you will be able to reclaim all the VAT you’re due.

Add your expense receipts and view them here
Enter your expense journey details

Mileage is automatically calculated

You can simply enter the postcodes of your journey and the route calculator will tot up the amount of miles you have travelled.

Whether you use a personal, lease or company vehicle, all the data can be stored on the system so your mileage will always be paid at the right rate.

Save time with frequent journeys

You can save the journey details that you travel to the most, speeding up the process next time you login.

Add your own favourite locations and journeys.

Reduce paperwork and go green

Using our software you’re naturally environmentally friendly and you avoid sending piles of paperwork around the office.

Instead of sending claims in the post, they are travel online to the next stage of the process.

Avoid chasing late claims

You and your staff will be able to login to MyExpensesOnline and view the progress of a claim, see what stage it is at and any reasons for claims being delayed.

Approved claims go straight for payment.

Get paid on time with part-approval

Claims can be approved in bite-size chunks.

If you only have certain sections of your claim approved, you can still get paid on time with the queried claims sent back for you to review.

Login anytime, anywhere

You don’t need to wait until you are back in the office to tackle the expenses. If you have an internet connection, you can simply login to your account through your mobile or laptop.

Create detailed reports simply and quickly

You can quickly produce reports at a click of a button making it easy to identify spending trends and any fraudulent activity.

Enforce your company policy

You can translate your internal policy into a set of business rules in our software, so you are not wasting time checking claims for compliance.

Accurate VAT returns and P11D forms

All the data you need for your VAT returns and P11D’s is collected in the system, saving you time at the end of the year.

Keep your data secure

Our UK based data centre complies with national, international and industry standards relating to security. Data is sent over a secure https connection which is protected by managed firewalls.

Integrate with all leading financial systems

Our software has a configurable CSV and XML interfaces that efficiently transmits data to your business systems, quickly and easily.

We can provide fully automated data transfer if required.

Stay supported

Our friendly and experienced UK-based support team will help you step-by-step with the implementation and any ongoing support needs.

You can simply pick up the phone or go online and log a query with the helpdesk.

Cards, Accounts, Advances & Petty Cash

Complete management of card statements, cash advances and petty cash.

Import your card statements for fast and easy reconciliation and simply view your balances on each account and transfer your money across.

Expenses can be claimed in a number of different accounts, from a standard expense account, to cash advances, petty cash and credit cards. The accounts feature allows you to view your balance and transfer balances between accounts as you need to, helping you monitor and control your expenses.

Travel Integration

Working with TMG Corporate we are able to provide you with a complete end-to-end travel and expenses system.

TMG are a business travel agent partner to a growing number of companies across the UK (and beyond). Companies who are seeking to reduce their business travel expenditure and bring higher accountability, and a greater level of control to their travel procurement process.

With a client base that encompasses a complete range of business from large global brands to a diverse range of SMEs to a whole host of high profile professional sporting teams and associations.

Advanced Workflow

Create and customise the rules you require for expenses claims that need multiple authorisers.

We understand that not every expense claim travels through a simple authorisation process. There are those claims that will need to be approved by more than one manager when they go over a certain limit, or that need to be signed off by multiple cost centres.

There are also the expensive claims that go beyond a manager’s authority and need to be signed by the Financial Director, Head of Department or CEO.

Our Advanced Workflow has been designed to help you restrict and control how claims travel to authorisation through a number of pre-set distribution rules/fields.

It enables organisations to create and customise the rules they require for the expense claims when it is necessary for them to have multiple authorisers before payment.

The main advantage is claims are not left waiting for an authoriser to sign before continues its journey to the next manager.

Self Registration

Allow your staff to log in and build their basic profile, saving time with your new starters.

Self Registration allows claimants to create their own basic profile and start to use MyExpensesOnline, ensuring that administration time is minimised throughout the life of the software.


Download all your expense claim info into an easy to manage zip file, especially helpful when you have a last minute audit to complete.

DataXtract enables you to download all of your expenses information into an easy to manage zip file or folder allowing offline access.

It is an easy to use tool that it particularly useful when you have an audit or HMRC investigation.

Instead of giving an external representative access to your entire expenses system, you can take a snapshot of just the data that they need.

Duty of Care

Meet your employer responsibilities with easy to store, verify and automate renewal of staff documents.

You have a legal and moral obligation to keep your employees safe from harm by identifying the risks that could jeopardise their safety during work hours.

This includes the time that they spend travelling on business journeys either using their own car or company vehicle.

If an accident was to occur, failure to show that you have taken every necessary steps to ensure their safety could be seen as negligence and lead to expensive litigation costs.

As most accidents at work occur whilst driving, you should be checking that every employee has a valid driving licence with business insurance before they set off to make a business journey. You should also make sure the vehicle they are using is safe to use and roadworthy. If you over-look this and reimburse the employees mileage expenses, you could be seen deemed guilty of allowing the accident to happen or permitting illegal behaviour.


Get an instant report of the C02 emissions your staff, team and organisation are producing.

View an instant report on the CO2 your organisation’s business travel is producing.

Reporting is straightforward and can be based on a particular vehicle and mileage amount.

The feature allows you to run ‘what if’ scenarios that will allow you to compare different types of transport to a given location and calculate the emissions of each. You can then choose the option that is most environmentally friendly and which emits the least amount of CO2.

CarbonCalc not only ensures that you are compliant with current legislative and your corporate requirements but you can provide a report that shows your stakeholders you are committed to lowering your carbon emissions.


Creating business reports from employee claims can take a substantial amount of time and effort.

Mistakes can be easily made re-typing information or by attempting to create visual representations of the results.

Most firms have little time to produce these reports and are unable to analyse where their money is being spent, or where valuable savings can be made.

When audits are scheduled for a few weeks ahead and reports need to be manually generated, productivity comes to a standstill as the finance team is immediately busy gathering all the data necessary.

Similarly time can be consumed manually preparing reports for HMRC spot-checks or end of year P11Ds.

MyExpensesOnline reporting easily and accurately summarises the data submitted into the software. It can show the data you need, creating a customized report in minutes.

Reports can be filtered through a number or areas including: date, claimant, authoriser, cost centre and department.

Simply click the fields that you would like to report on and export the data through the system as a CSV, Excel or PDF file.


Use our advanced reporting tool, working with Excel, that makes adding new data very simple and creates customized reports.

Our advanced reporting tool that works with Excel to access and input data to and from MyExpensesOnline.

Data can be converted into an editable format, allowing you to review and adapt for various business reporting.

It also makes adding new data very simple with easy uploading to the software from an Excel spreadsheet, reducing the time spent manually entering the information into the system.

This is particularly helpful when a number of new starters begin at the same time, or a new business unit is acquired.

Being able to manipulate the information and understand the reports greatly helps you to find ways of reducing costs and optimise systems in the process.

Read from MyExpensesOnline

ReportManager will pull information directly from MyExpensesOnline into Excel enabling you to review or edit the data. This can then be written back to MyExpensesOnline when you are ready.

Write to MyExpenseOnline

ReportManager makes adding new data very simple and easy uploading of data straight into MyExpensesOnline. This can save a lot of time if you have many new users to setup.