Sophisticated expense processing

Over £165 million of expenses processed in the past 12 months

Carefully designed features to transform your expense management.

Easy Receipt Capture

Claimants can capture receipts at any time, with OCR there to fill in the details.

ReceiptStash is your store for all their purchases, ready to be submitted whenever they want.

Fast approvals

With a single click, managers can approve claims with confidence, knowing that everything is inside company policy, and that VAT reclaim has been maximised.

Straightforward Payments

Creating a new payment batch and processing is a breeze.

Whether you want to pay directly through BACS, or transfer into your finance, ERP or HR software, MyExpensesOnline can do it all.

Credit/Debit Cards

Import your card statements for fast and easy reconciliation.

Claimants are asked to review their statements, creating or matching claims as they go.

Finance & HR Integration

Transferring your claim payments to you existing finance, HR or ERP software is made easy.

With options ranging from a simple CSV download, to full automation are available.


Providing full analysis of your expenses and spend, extensive reporting is available for stages.

Also available is our unique tool linking MyExpensesOnline to Excel, enabling direct access to claim data.

See a live demonstration

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  • At a time suitable to you

We found MyExpensesOnline to be a far superior system than anything else we looked at, easy to use and cost effective.

We are very happy with the flexibility of the MyExpensesOnline and would certainly recommend to other companies who need a better solution for managing their expenses.

Advanced Workflow

Providing advanced authorisation control, worflow can be tuned to your specific company structure.

With parallel or serial approval processes, with rules available for all circumstances, you can create and customise rules at any time.


With extensive flexibility, we provide you with a system tuned to your specific needs.

From extensive coding options, to single sign-on (SAML/LDAP), self-registration and more, you get the system fit for your business.


With company and HMRC compliance built-in, you can be assured that complex regulations are validated automatically.

Using HMRC advisory fuel rates and applying miriad other VAT rules, allows you to optimise VAT reclaim.

Safe & Secure

You can rely on us, with our UK data centre providing 99.99% up-time - in fact 100% office hours up-time.

Our software and infrastructure is designed to keep your data safe and secure.

Fully Mobile

Our mobile apps are avaiable for all platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows

MyExpensesOnline has been optimised to be responsive to fit all device sizes.


Be ready for any audit, whether internal, HMRC or anyone else, extract your claim data into a simple to use, device independent format, including receipt images.

Duty of Care

Meet legal and moral obligations, while protecting your business and identifying risks.

Automatically check and record vehicle MOT and tax details, together with staff licence and insurance document.

Pre-approved Travel

Pre-appove travel and costs, with the ability to allow pre-booked to form part of your claim process.

Ensure travel details are available, ready for use, prior to travel.

See a live demonstration

  • We take you on a full tour
  • Question the people who know
  • At a time suitable to you

MyExpensesOnline has solved our problems, with the added bonus that the software was simple to set up.

I am very impressed with the software and would recommend to other companies who need better control of their expenses.

MyExpensesOnline saved us in excess of 15% on mileage costs alone. The in depth reporting has helped identify core areas of significant cost saving opportunities.

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board (ABM NHS Wales)