Claimant to Payment Services

Scan & Attach

Scan & Attach

Receipts are scanned on your behalf, then attached to the correct claim. When combined with Receipt Validation, all details are fully validated, ensuring that they correlate to the provided receipt.

We can provide pre-printed envelopes for distribution to your claimant users, making it as easy as possible to send us their receipts.

Receipt Validation

Receipt Validation

In addition to your usual approval processes, we offer the ability for all claims to be double checked by our experienced team.

Once the claims have been approved by your managers, through our Advanced Workflow, they will be sent to our Audit where they will be checked in detail for;

  • Values and dates, matching the receipt
  • Correct VAT rate and VAT amounts have been applied
  • Mileage receipts fit HMRC rules
  • If no receipt, ensure a valid reason is provided

Direct Payment

Direct Pay

Allow us to take the strain, making all claimant payments directly for you. We simply ask for a single payment from you, and ensure that all your claimants are paid on time.

Our processes ensure that you are fully in the loop, allowing you to approve or reject a payment run before it is made.

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